Sunday, 16 December 2007

Another moment in history ...

Brothers Alexander Joseph, Sunil Kachapally, Alexander Madathil, Santosh Peacevilla, Ansen Thattassery, Cleettus Vettiyattethuputhenveedu and Godfrey Alby, together with Brother Gandolf Wild, at the hermitage of Aquarella, Albacina. This is the site of the first Capuchin Chapter in 1529. Our Indian Brothers are preparing to embark upon new Capuchin missionary enterprises - three of the brothers will go to Ghana and four to Germany.

Our nine days together allowed us to visit many places significant in Franciscan and Capuchin history. At Assisi, thanks to the great kindness of the owner, we were able to visit the first Capuchin friary in Assisi, called then "Le Carcarelle" (not to be mistaken with the Le Carceri). Bernardino da Colpetrazzo was a member of the fraternity in this little house at one point in time. Saint Joseph of Leonessa completed his novitiate within these walls. The humble little dwelling had to be abandoned by the friars towards the end of the 16th C in favour of a more accessible little friary purpose built by the town of Assisi. Its owners have, over a number of generations, have lovingly and tastefully restored the simple monastic style of
Le Carcerelle. Even today its solitude is imposing, 'far from the maddening crowd.' And the guest book shows that Le Carcerelle is still very much a place of prayer for people from many walks of life and parts of the world.

I hope to return to the Capuchin Friary (Oasi di Sant'Anna) in Asolo for the Christmas confessions and liturgy. Dating back to the 16C this Capuchin Friary is located just outside the town of Asolo.

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