Thursday, 17 March 2011

Roller coaster

Visitors to the capdox site have had a roller-coaster ride with all the live changes happening to the site yesterday and today. Probably a bit annoying. Brighter and easier to navigate, CAPDOX looks better.

Apart from a slightly wider page and a better menu, capdox presents some quality images from a few Franciscan and Capuchin places. (Smart Flash Header by ProJoom manages and displays these images. This Joomla extension has a number of useful functions and settings. My only concern is the time needed to download the home page.)

Later, captions will identify the locations.

Huddled in a little valley below the town of Cupramontana is the former Camaldolese monastery of the Grottoes of Massaccio (left). With an previous, long history of eremitical life lived in various way, the site was taken up by Paolo Giustiniani. Seeking refuge, Ludovicio Fossombrone and his brother Raffaele came here briefly shortly at the beginning. Ludovico would have known about this monastic site from the days of his novitiate in the Franciscan friary are short distance away, outside Cupramontana itself.

In recent years the building has been beautifully restored by various owners.

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