Monday, 23 April 2012

New Link

Squirrelled away in a recess of CAPDOX are a few links that I use to prepare for the Sunday Liturgy. (Click on LINKS on the top menu on the home page. Then click on the first option "Liturgy and Lectio Divina" ... and there you are!)
There is a new link there now .... 'Congregation for the Clergy'. When that page opens you will find homily recommendations for the Sunday Mass. I am not sure when the homily appears for the next Sunday. The page is in Italian.
Back on the Liturgy and Lectio Divina list, and immediately below the "Congregation for the Clergy" link, is the link to "Biblia Clerus", also published by the Congregation for the Clergy. With a variety of useful resources, and available in different languages, this site offers a lot to the explorer.

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