Monday, 26 December 2011

2011 Christmas Crib, Capuchin Friars, St. Fiacre's Church, Leichhardt, Sydney

This year’s Christmas crib made by the student friars continues the Franciscan tradition. It followed the idea of finding Christ in St Fiacre’s Parish in Leichhardt. It is the Capuchin mindset which emphasises that Christ can be found in any setting. Having the privilege to experience a white Christmas in the northern hemisphere, the students were inspired to bring the same joy to the parish and school with a snow theme. The Nativity scene is made up of all the main features found in St Fiacre’s Parish from the school to the church and even the Friary. Collectively, the students agreed that the garage was to be the setting for the nativity scene because it was the most obscure of places and a building commonly dismissed by all who passes by. It really emphasises the humility of God.

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