Sunday, 11 December 2011

Capdox update

A new link has been added to the top menu of Capdox. The [OzCap] tab is a link to the website of the Australian Capuchins. Unfortunately, the company that managed the site template has disappeared, along with administrator access codes. Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise, and there is talk and thought about a new webpage. Meanwhile the news module of  is active.

Coming up on Capdox ...

Br. Patrick Colbourne is preparing an English translation of Francesco da Jesi's Circle of Divine Love - another very welcome addition to Capdox. To the best of our knowledge this will  be the first English translation of the work. Br. Patrick has produced fine translations of other texts found already on Capdox, including works by Giovanni da Fano.

The Art of Union and A Small Catechism  (here)
A Short Discourse Concerning the Observance of the Vow of Poverty of the Friars Minor (here)
The Second Dialogue on Salvation (here)
Apart from these works by Giovanni da Fano, Br. Patrick has also translated for Capdox 
Evangelical Love concerning the Rule of Saint Francis (here)

Also in preparation at this time is a translation of Licet ab initio, a Bull of Paul III on 21 July 1542. In this Bull he centralised and unified heresy investigation procedures with the establishment of the Roman Inquisition. Before the Bull, this kind of investigation (inquisitio) and trial (processo) was largely the responsibility of each diocese. .

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